My heart is stuck… 

In your long muscular neck and the arch of your back

In the flap of your bouncy hair 

And in your deep voice resonating with my soul

Yes! My heart is stuck…

And also, my heart is stuck 

In the greenish bluish lines on your hand…

But what is more attractive than that 

Is the confidence and compassion in your eyes, 

The kindness and modesty in your words, 

The generosity of your smile and the beauty in your thoughts 

Your respect towards humanity and 

The innocent and endless love in your heart 

When you play with your niece 

I can’t help but feel jealous 

I should have had an uncle like you, 

To spoil me … To play with me…

When you wear a formal shirt and fold the sleeves 

And run your fingers through your silky hair 

My world stops for few seconds

And I feel grateful for your existence…

Of course you never notice it;

Because my eyes don’t give away my secret… 

How badly I want to button your shirt!

You don’t even realise that my eyes linger on your perfect body a second too long…

When you miss your mother 

You look like a cute child 

And then you rest your tired head on my lap 

And your hands wrapped around me… 

While running my fingers in your hair 

I pray to God 

To let you feel your mother’s love in my touch 

Innocent and selfless love.. 

Because you deserve nothing less….

You look at me lovingly when I am asleep 

Don’t  you think I don’t know that?

Of course I do! But I don’t open my eyes 

Because I don’t wanna jinx my own good fortune 

I escape, I run, I break free all the time;

But you are always there… 

To accompany; To give your hand if I fall !

It’s difficult to believe that You exist !


You engulf my world 

You are the melody of the wave 

You are the rain of love 

And o my prince, never forget that 

You are the answer to my prayers! 

Translation of my Marathi article : पौरुष