When I met God

It was really
A crazy night,
Cold was the air
Dim was the light!
It was the night
When I met God;
May seem impossible
But hold that thought..
Sitting in the garden
I was Looking at the sky…
Suddenly felt a breeze
Just passed by…
Out of thin air
A figure took form,
But it wasn’t scary
I felt warm…
“I meet everyone
Once in a life!
Ask for anything
Whatever you like.
I am the God,
And the moment is this,
Chance of a lifetime
You don’t wanna miss”
I was surprised…
I was nervous!
I was shaking…
I was humbled!
What do you ask,
When the Almighty is there?
This was the moment for
I wasn’t prepared…
I had suffered poverty,
I had been alone,
I had seen money,
I had sat on throne…
I was a person
Who had seen it all,
Love and betrayal;
Couldn’t make me enthrall!
I always knew
What I wanted…
I wanted to be happy;
Don’t know how,
I missed my chances…
I spoke to the God
With teary eyes,
“You know everything
I won’t tell lies.
How to be happy?
Tell me, oh God
So many problems
Life seems odd “
“Life is really
The way you take it,
It can be hard
If you make it…
Happiness, dear
Is in your heart,
The one who understood
Is really smart…
Happiness is a choice;
You make everyday!
Catch the moment…
Don’t delay…
One after the other,
Your needs will be endless!
Running behind them
Will make you breathless!
Take a moment,
And look around…
You’ll find plenty reasons,
To be thankful about…
I am giving you the vision,
To look for beauty
Use it frequently…”
Said the Almighty. ..
Almighty vanished….
And I carried on…
Holding this message
I live on…
Sometimes happiness,
Comes in small packets…
Don’t take away its chance
From making you delighted!
Let’s smile a little
After having a good cry…
Let’s live a little
Before we die…