Gentle Giants

Growing up with my brother
Was not at all easy,
He was so stubborn and mean
He was extremely lazy…
All the mistakes one shouldn’t make,
He has done them all !
I had to protect him all the time;
For him, I had to take the fall…
As if one wasn’t enough
I have got another…
Nine years younger than I,
My sweet baby brother…
He was cute and chubby
With angelic face…
I thought he would be different
But that wasn’t the case…
He was audacious!
He was brutal!
It’s hard to love someone,
With a sense of humor that cruel…
Time passed by
With a rapid speed…
My baby brothers have grown
Over six feet…
They used to ride cycles
Now they ride bikes
I am tired of asking them to drive slowly,
The roads aren’t too nice…
We haven’t fought
It’s been so long,
How is it possible?
Is there something wrong?
I know they love me
They aren’t so bad…
They can’t see me cry,
It makes them sad..
When I am upset
They take me for a drive…
They bring cheesecakes
Just to make me smile…
Having these gentle giants in my life
Is a great blessing,
They try to look indifferent,
But they’ll never stop caring…
No matter where I am,
They would come to pick me up,
Even at midnight,
That’s love.
Am I right?