Light Bulb

There is a light bulb
burning over my head;
Feels like I am under
A constant stare!
There is no escape;
The walls are high.
This is a prison,
Maybe that’s why!
Can’t tell whether
It’s a day or a night…
Feels like I’m burning
Under the light!
Why there is a light bulb
Over my head?
Reminds me of loneliness
Which I can’t shed.
Shadows of people
Take form in the light…
They speak to me,
But can’t see my plight.
Maybe they’re the ghosts
Of people who lived here;
“You’re one of us”,
They whisper in my ear.
I want the light bulb
To switch off fast;
Lovely darkness should
Engulf me at last!
Does this prison
Really exists?
Or just loneliness of my mind
Awfully persist?
May be I am the ghost
And these people are real,
Please, switch off the light!
I can’t think clear!
How to be free,
When you are trapped in your own mind?
How to remove the darkness in your heart;
Even when you’re constantly under the light?

– Madhurani

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