the lake

A pinch of yellow,
A lot of green,
An ample of red,
Which has made it devine!

The green leaves are opulent
Yellow ones seem shy,
The water is calm blue,
Red is spread across the sky!

What a mesmerizing view
One has ever seen,
Light is dancing on the water
Oh! It’s an abode of spring!

This is a gorgeous lake
Surely touched by heaven;
Hiding it’s shy serene beauty
In the arms of the mountains!

It’s heart is as deep
As the blue clear sky,
It’s heart is so pure,
That it’s incapable of lie!

It’s a place where solitude has arrived
Seeking for peace,
Surrendering apprehensions
It has attained the bliss!

Don’t break the silence…
Don’t utter a word!
You may hear your inner calling
Which you’ve never ever heard…

You’ll be one with yourself..
Yet you’ll be part of the picture,
No matter how troubled you are,
You’ll find solace in the nature!

-Madhurani Salunke