I am all yours; But you aren’t mine…

I am all yours ;
But you aren’t mine …
For how long I should pretend
That everything’s fine ?

We spent together
Some of the glorious nights
Everything about them
Was perfectly right!

Hey, do you miss the cuddles?
Do you miss the kisses?
Oh sorry, I forgot!
How’s your missus?

I didn’t ask ,
As I know it in my heart ;
She must be very pretty!
And incredibly smart!

She must be thin
With big doe eyes!
Enchanting beauty ,
With a mesmerizing smile!

Don’t get me wrong,
I am happy for you!
I wish, I believed the signs
Which I already knew!

You never promised anything
You weren’t ever mine!
Still, I fell in love…
Sorry, I crossed the line…

Do you miss my poems?
Do you miss my voice?
I know you’re too busy for that!
But don’t tell me… Please be nice…

“What if I’m not there? ”
One day you had asked…
I had choked ;
Remember ? I had gasped!

Now that you’ve gone
I look at your picture ! Everyday !
One day I’ll stop this,
Hopefully, one day I’ll be okay!

You had promised me
One last meet…
I was supposed to give you
A real nice treat…

That’ll never happen
I suppose…
It’s impossible, I know,
Still somehow, I hope!

“It’s not good, to be so good”
Those were your parting words …
Really showed your kindness…
How much you were concerned…

I really wish,
You had judged me a little less !
I wish, I had –
A little prettier face!

I shouldn’t have whined
So much in your ears!
The tears and the complaints,
Must have been horrible to bare!

Will I ever speak to you?
I really wonder…
After this poem, we won’t!
I’m sure, This is a blunder…

Now everything is over,
So there is nothing to loose…
I am writing this when I am drunk,
But it’s a mere excuse…

I wish to find one day,
What you’ve found with her…
Happiness will find me
And everything will be better!
– Madhurani

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