If you ever decide
To be forever mine,
I promise you a poem
For every night.
A poem for pouring rain;
And for an incandescent light;
A poem about you being
The most wonderful sight…

I promise you a wink
When no one else is looking;
Filled with naughty desires,
And intensity dripping…
Will catch you off guard
And leave you blushing…

I promise you a hug
So gentle and calm,
To heal your wounds
It’ll work like a balm…
I’ll make you forget worries,
When you’re in my arms…

I promise you a joke,
When you can’t smile…
I know it’s stupid and
Very very juvenile….
Yet I will try my best
To make you beguile!

If you ever promise
To be mine forever,
I promise you a life
Filled with healthy banter…
A lot of love And
Joyous memories filled with laughter!


I’m still hoping it’s you and me in the end.