moving on

I was all yours
But you never became mine…
I can’t stress enough,
It turned out to be absolutely fine!

Nothing was special about you
Except for the place in my heart,
I was an idiot in love
And you were an over-smart!

I thought you understood me
I thought you knew me in and out …
But you questioned my passion
That cleared all my doubts …

You never cared for me
But made me believe so…
They were empty gestures
Just a mere show !

Yet I understand, it’s nothing personal,

Whatever happened with you in the past
That has left you broken…
It has left you damaged,
And devoid of any emotion…

But at every second in the world
A heart is getting shattered!
We are the generation of broken hearts..
Why would you be any different ?

You can hug your pain and pamper it,
As long as you want…
But the past won’t change,
It simply can’t!

On that note, I am moving on
Without shading a tear…
I have a life to live!
Filled with love and without fear!


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