Postpartum depression

Corporate world is not for a faint hearted person. The competition is fierce. There is no place for any insecurity or weakness. It follows only one law – perform or perish. 

In the modern world, education has opened the doors of corporate world for women. Women can be seen achieving great success and assuming powerful positions in big companies. Yet despite having a thriving career, after experiencing motherhood, many women choose to become homemakers. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon. The following advertisement is addressing some of the issues. 

This advertisement begins with a young woman -Vrinda Basu- Head if the department, sitting in her cabin. We can see her picture with a baby kept on the table. She is looking at the picture and there is sadness in her eyes. It is safe to assume that she is a new mom and must be missing her baby. Generally new moms find it difficult to leave their baby at home or at day care and resume the office. This is an internal struggle which every working woman has to go through. There is a guilt associated with leaving our new born behind to achieve personal career growth. She seems to be having the same difficulty.

Later we can see that Vrinda is passing by the cafeteria to fetch coffee for her. She notices her colleagues sharing a laugh and which makes her wonder if she is the topic of ridicule even though they greet her. Ironically she is holding a coffee mug that says – ‘World’s best boss”. Such mugs are given as a gift. Definitely, she must be a good manager hence her subordinates gifted her that mug. Then why was she visibly uncomfortable? This is one of the side effects of post partum depression which makes you loose confidence and can give rise to insecurity. 

Later, Vrinda is running late for a meeting and she tries to give explanation that she was busy with her baby. Yet nobody has time to listen to her personal plight. Here, the fact is established that nobody cares about your personal struggles. Yet the meeting goes well and she gets appreciated for it. Clearly, she is trying to give her best at work despite having increased responsibility of a baby.  

 In another meeting, Vrinda gets a call from her home which she tries her best to avoid. Yet the phone continues to ring. Her colleagues suggest to take a small break so that she can attend the call. She accepts it. She gives instructions about the baby over call. Mothers are supposed to be the primary care givers to the child and they carry the responsibility of the baby in every circumstances. 

Later we can see her getting angry over a small issue and lashing out on a office helper which she regrets immediately. These mood swings are common amongst the new moms.

We can also see her turning her leadership award away from the table. This seems like the lowest moment for her. As of she is putting stop to her ambitions. Or may be she is re-evaluating herself if she is really worthy of an award. 

Next incident happenes in the late evening. Her team is working on a presentation and the team suggests her to take work from home, which takes her by surprise and gives rise to her insecurity and she asks them if they even need her anymore.her colleagues assure her sweetly that they do need her. But they understand that motherhood is hard and they are trying to make it less difficult for her. Her eyes turn moist, but through their kind words her confidence gets a new boost, her inner boss lady assumes her power position and she reminds them to strictly adhere to the timeline. 

The woman in the video is a hardworking woman who has achieved her place in the company at a young age. She is trying to balance her personal and professional life to the best of her capabilities. But motherhood is difficult. Many women go through post-partum depression after having a baby which causes mood swings, irritability, tiredness and lack of confidence. This woman seems to be suffering from the same. She is the representative of millions of women in the world. In such situation many women tend to choose to quit the job. 

But as a society we must understand that it is a temporary phase and we must provide the required support to the new moms so that talent and caliber is not wasted. This will strengthen not only women but will contribute to the progress a whole society. By supporting women we will achieve following things 

1. Having a career gives a sense of identity to a person and gives confidence. By supporting new moms at workplace, we will set an example to the younger generation to pursue their dreams regardless of their gender. 

2. Post-partum depression is a temporary phase. But qutting workforce can make long lasting impact on one’s life. 

3. When a woman is working, it gives certain financial security to the family. Inflation is continuously rising. It is important that both parents are working to provide for the family. This is not the story of one family but a need for almost every family in the society. Therefore, it is important that women feel supported at workplace.

In the end, the ad appeals to the watchers to make new moms feel at home even at work place by showing confidence in their abilities and being kind towards them. 

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